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PCA Employee Helps Neighborhoods Hit by Tornado

Early in the morning on Tuesday, March 3, severe storms and at least one tornado slammed through central Tennessee, causing widespread damage. The areas of devastation included the cities of Nashville, Lebanon and Cookeville.

PCA’s local Hexacomb Sales Representative, AJ Johnson, who was fortunate to escape the tornado’s path, learned that volunteers at his local disaster recovery site needed boxes — both to collect donated items like water, food and clothing and for families trying to salvage their personal items that were strewn about the area.
Johnson turned to PCA’s sheet plant in nearby Gallatin for help. The plant’s Sales Manager, Walter Glenn, had the plant jump into action to produce boxes for the relief efforts. Glenn then packed up the boxes in his car and drove 90 minutes to Johnson’s house to deliver them.

Johnson distributed the boxes to the volunteers at the recovery site, as well as to families who needed containers to collect any found items in the area. He also donated the tape needed to set up the boxes.

According to Johnson: “Bottom line, I feel blessed to be able to help just one person that was affected by this tragedy. Thankfully, with the help of our PCA family in Gallatin, I was able to give a few boxes to four different families to help salvage some memories from the past and preserve them for the future. Each family that received the boxes was so appreciative, and even tears of gratitude were shed.”