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Produce Packaging

Our specialized packaging is designed to protect fresh produce while maintaining visual appeal and freshness.

Assortment of Produce Packaging

Keeping It Fresh

PCA has produce packaging that fits the needs of every grower and every crop.

  • Easy setup one-piece containers to facilitate field packing needs
  • Special ventilated designs that help preserve freshness and protect in-store sales appeal
  • Barrier coatings for enhanced moisture protection and added packaging durability
  • Uniform footprint and availability of custom-designed solutions
Tomato Trays

From the Field to Retail — All in One Container

The less produce is handled, the longer it stays fresh.

PCA complies with the Fibre Box Association’s Corrugated Common Footprint Standard. The uniform footprint dimensions and stacking tabs make for efficient loading, handling, storage and shipment on standardized pallets. This translates into cost savings, optimized cube utilization and load stability.

Assortment of Bulk Bins

Heavy, Bulk-Shipped Produce Packaging Options

Collapsible, one-piece doublewall and triplewall containers offer incredible containment and stacking strength for heavier produce items. Add multi-color direct print or a preprinted liner to create a container that doubles as an in-store display.


Waxed Produce Boxes

Enhanced Moisture Protection

Most of PCA’s standard and custom-designed produce containers can be special coated or wax cascaded for enhanced moisture protection and package durability.

Wax-cascaded containers are ideal for:

  • Hydrocooling and top-icing applications
  • Enhanced moisture protection
  • Added package durability
  • Field packing, high-moisture or humid environments
  • Maximized compression strength
Stock Agricultural Packaging

Stock produce packaging and supplies

Total Produce Packaging Solutions

PCA’s packaging and supply centers keep a variety of commonly used containers and packaging supplies in stock for customer convenience. Our stock agricultural packaging program includes fruit packaging, vegetable packaging, wet service and farm stand packaging.


Woman in Produce Field

PCA goes the distance for produce growers, shippers and retailers.

Peak season volumes and quickly changing markets can endanger the condition of fresh produce.