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Food and Beverage Packaging

PCA has innovative packaging solutions that get you to market — quickly, safely and sustainably.

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Streamlined Operations and Brand Elevation for Your Food and Beverage Packaging

For the food and beverage industry, we push innovation to deliver smart and safe packaging solutions that support this fast-paced, ever-changing market.

  • Total Packaging Solutions
    Our expertise in packaging design and manufacturing provides solutions that support multiple supply chains including wholesale, retail and direct to consumer.
  • Design Services
    PCA is capable of developing graphic designs and structural specifications for all types of corrugated packaging and displays.
  • GFSI Certification
    All of PCA’s full-line plants meet Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) standards.
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We’re where you need us, whenever you need us.

Partner with food and beverage packaging experts who can deliver.

Packaging solutions

Fiber-based packaging has long been recognized as a safe and eco-friendly choice for food packaging.

In fact, it’s so reliable and trusted that nearly 50% of corrugated made in the U.S. is used to transport food and beverages.

“I’ve been servicing a large food and beverage manufacturer for over 10 years. They have a demanding and ever-changing schedule. There have been several instances when PCA has needed to turn an order around for them within one day. The support and dedication of the folks at our plant is incredible. They understand the pressure the customer is under and step up to help.”

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Better for Business, Better for the Planet, Better for You

You don’t have to compromise on performance when choosing sustainable solutions for your food and beverage packaging needs.

At PCA, we incorporate sustainable practices into everything we do to exceed your design, manufacturing and delivery expectations.

Sustainability at PCA

Assortment of Produce Packaging

Produce Packaging

Fresh fruits and vegetables need to maintain the highest level of freshness and visual appeal.

We understand the particular needs of each and every grower and each and every crop. PCA offers a variety of options including easy setup one-piece containers, special ventilated designs and bulk bins for unbeatable package strength. We also offer barrier coatings for enhanced moisture protection and added package durability.


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Packaging Solutions for Products That Fly Off Shelves

We have the innovative design solutions you need to get your food and beverage products in the hands of customers who can’t get enough of them.