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PCA Plants Support Rainforest Recycle Exhibit

Since September 2022, Adventure Science Center in Nashville, Tennessee, has played host to an immersive exhibit — “Rainforest Recycle.” This interactive exhibit was created to simulate a natural rainforest environment and educate visitors on the relationship between the rainforest, the life it contains and its impact on the global ecosystem. It spans over 2,000 square feet and is constructed almost entirely of recycled materials. Visitors to the center are also provided an opportunity to create a rainforest “creature” that can remain as part of the exhibit or be taken home.

PCA’s facilities in Trenton, Illinois, and Gallatin, Tennessee, donated honeycomb and corrugated materials for the exhibit. According to AJ Johnson, Sales Representative for PCA: “The Rainforest Recycle exhibit has been such a success that the center ended up extending its run by three months! They were amazed at the ease of use and durability factor when working with our corrugated and Hexacomb® materials, and they hope to utilize our sustainable products in future exhibits.”

The Rainforest Recycle exhibit runs through March 2023. To learn more about Adventure Science Center and the programs it offers, visit