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Analysis of Packaging Materials, Performance and Usage

We believe collaboration leads to big-picture thinking and bottom-line results.

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Let us put our packaging expertise to work for you.

When PCA designs a custom packaging solution, we factor in more than dimensions and material. We also review your operations and distribution channels to ensure we have a thorough understanding of your challenges, objectives and goals.

To build your superior packaging solution, we consider:

  • Product weight, shape and fragility
  • Setup and packing methods
  • Distribution and storage
  • Regulatory issues and labeling requirements
  • Business and marketing goals
  • Your customers’ requirements

Don’t be surprised if PCA people collaborate more than you’re used to. For us it’s all about doing our very best to give you the ideas and products that support your needs.

Packaging analysis

Tools of Our Trade

Man Measuring a Corrugated Package

PCA Utility Suite

PCA Utility SuiteTM enables our structural engineers to determine the optimal package construction for your needs with greater accuracy. It is based on proprietary formulas and available exclusively through PCA.

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SKU Terminator

SKU TerminatorTM evaluates a database of SKU specifications and recommends a variety of possible consolidation scenarios, providing you the opportunity to reduce your packaging inventory.

Corrugated Sketches and Samples

Packaging Review

Our knowledgeable and experienced experts can identify opportunities to better rightsize your packaging, reduce materials or inventories, and improve packaging line or unitization efficiency.

Boxes on Conveyors

New to Corrugated?

Learn more about the common box styles our packaging experts may recommend for your application.