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PCA’s Experience Benefits Auto Manufacturers and Tier 1 Parts Suppliers

The automobile OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts industry relies on heavy-duty packaging to make sure materials arrive safe and undamaged. It’s the difference between a job done right or the loss of significant revenue, inventory and customers.

PCA is often called in to troubleshoot when another supplier’s boxes have failed, providing packaging that reduces damage and improves efficiencies. That expertise has paid off in new customer relationships that are positioning PCA as a leader in heavy-duty parts packaging for the automotive manufacturing and OEM industry.

Out-of-the-Box Solutions for OEM Suppliers

One example is the use of a sturdy packaging configuration well known in the meat packing industry, but completely new to the automotive parts industry.

“This design solution came about during a packaging audit we were having with our customer, who is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of automotive products for OEM and aftermarket,” said Sales Representative Daniel Brown. “Some of the company’s suppliers were having bulge issues with the heavy, dense parts they were packing. Occasionally, a box would fail in transit.”

The PCA team included some of the most experienced problem solvers from across the company. One member with experience in the meat industry quickly identified a successful solution at a reduced cost.

“His experience with sturdy, octagonal boxes reinforced with Sesame Tape® inside the liners was shared with the team,” Brown explains. “Octagons are not normally used in automotive packaging, but we tested the idea. There were no bulge issues or failed packs in our transit tests, so we introduced this new packaging solution to the customer. It has proven to be a great design for automotive parts, and we’re still using it to this day.”

Auto Manufacturer Selects PCA as its Preferred Partner

Another example of PCA’s success in the automotive industry is that PCA was recently named the packaging supplier for one of the world’s largest auto manufacturers. It wasn’t easy; PCA faced competition from about 20 competitors, many of whom exclusively supported the manufacturer’s supply base.

“After years of trying to secure the business through the manufacturer’s suppliers, PCA was invited to make a presentation directly to the manufacturer,” said Jesse Kearton, who oversees the sales effort that has grown to nearly 100 PCA team members, some working onsite with the customer.

“They asked us to tell them about our capabilities, but our immediate response was, ‘We’re very excited to do that, but can you tell us more about your needs?’ Looking back, it showed that PCA is committed to focusing on our customers’ needs first. From there, we quickly identified specific solutions that made us stand out from the competition.”

Kearton and his team continue to meet monthly at their customer’s manufacturing facility, making sure they are providing value every step of the way. Today, the auto manufacturer has required all Tier 1 suppliers to use PCA as their official packaging supplier.

“Our relationship with this client is built upon being very organized, very knowledgeable and knowing the customer’s business,” Kearton said.

If you’re looking for a heavy-duty packaging solutions partner with the experience to provide competitive advantage in your industry, please contact us.