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PCA Provides SIBO GROUP With Flexibility and Partnership They Were Seeking

SIBO GROUP is a family-owned company that supplies packaging and packaging closure solutions to over 70 countries worldwide. From twist-on caps to pop-up lids to full pharmaceutical bottles, manufacturers around the world rely on their products to provide both form and function.

In 2021 SIBO expanded their manufacturing to include a facility in the U.S. Their goal—cut down on shipping times for their North and South American customers. Initially, SIBO continued to source their corrugated packaging from suppliers in Europe, but shipping costs and longer delivery times challenged their ability to meet customer demand.

SIBO began searching for local suppliers. New to the U.S. market, they were looking for a few specific things in a packaging supplier. First, they wanted a supplier with close proximity to their plant. SIBO’s plant in Harrisonburg, Virginia, was near multiple suppliers including a PCA facility. However, vicinity wasn’t the only ask. SIBO was interested in finding a long-term partner that could fulfill their packaging needs while offering a degree of flexibility to meet their unpredictable demand.

PCA Sales Representative CJ Burtner was new to the Harrisonburg area, but not new to PCA. He knew SIBO had longstanding relationships with corrugated suppliers in Europe, and he also knew that SIBO was entertaining offers from other packaging suppliers in the area. But PCA had proven track record of offering its customers a reliable product when they needed it, backed by a team of people dedicated to meeting customers’ individualized needs. And PCA provided just that. According to Gregor Merkuz, SIBO’s Chief Executive Officer, “PCA’s willingness to tailor a service platform customized to our unique needs made them stand out from the rest.”

Providing Value From the Start

Before PCA begins manufacturing boxes for any new customer, we consider a number of different factors, including the product being shipped, how it’ll be shipped and how it’ll be handled on the production line. After reviewing SIBO’s current corrugated box and design, PCA determined they could transition SIBO from a doublewall box to a singlewall box while providing the same level of product protection. This was possible because PCA’s paper strength and overall composition was superior to SIBO’s existing supplier. As a result, PCA was able to save SIBO on material and overall costs to provide value.

In addition, sustainability is also important to SIBO. They are dedicated to producing their products using both bio-based materials and post-industrial and post-consumer recycled material. Corrugated, already being circular in nature, combined with PCA’s dedication to rightsizing for specific products and applications, contributes to SIBO’s ongoing sustainability goals.

For SIBO, PCA has been a valuable resource both locally and regionally as they continue to establish their presence as a direct manufacturer of custom plastic components in the North American market.

And for Gregor Merkuz, he knows that when he works with PCA, “the quality will always meet his expectations, the product will always be delivered on time and the partnership extends beyond just a business transaction.”

To learn more about how PCA can meet your corrugated packaging needs or to be contacted by a PCA representative, please fill out the form below.