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Floral Packaging

When people want to show love, they give flowers. It can be roses for Valentine’s Day, tulips for Mother’s Day or get-well-soon daisies.

But in a world increasingly driven by e-commerce, these flowers must travel further and faster than ever before. Getting them there with their beauty intact is no simple task.

Poor packaging can harm this delicate and perishable product. That’s why our boxes, designed by veterans of the floral industry, are structured so they can handle the weight, water and refrigeration methods needed to safely transport your flowers.

In addition to being durable, we also ensure that our packaging looks as good (or almost as good) as what’s inside. Our designs allow boxes to easily transition to in-store displays for every season and holiday, with minimal labor.

It is crucial that flowers arrive in pristine, sellable and marketable condition. In the retail environment, the delicate flowers may not end up being transferred to an entirely new display, so our boxes are engineered and designed to be ready for display with no extra effort.

Whether it’s packaging for supermarkets, mass marketing or e-commerce, we offer centralized purchasing options for the whole industry. Our sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging is crafted to be as efficient as the flowers are beautiful. This maximizes packaging performance as flowers make their way to loved ones around the world.

To speak with one of our packaging experts, please contact us.