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Bakery Packaging

At PCA our cake packaging experts have been servicing the bakery industry for many years. Our premier bakery packaging is perfect for wedding cakes, graduation cakes or any decadent dessert cake. The cake boards are specially coated to keep the cakes moist and fresh longer, and our boxes are strong enough to stack. Keep reading to learn more!

Cake Boards

Just ask the contestants of the hit TV show The Great British Bake Off or the purveyors of viral cake decorating videos—cakes are having a moment.

With more cakes bought in stores and bakeries than ever before, there’s never been more variety in shape, size and color.

But there is one common element that most share: a corrugated disc slipped beneath the cake that acts as a moisture barrier between the cake, the air, and the box. And if the disc came from PCA, it’s layered with a proprietary coating to ensure oil marks don’t transfer. Cakes stay fresh longer, ready for candles and celebrations whenever the party starts.

Taking the time to provide a perfect cake board is just one way we go farther to find the packaging solutions our customers need.

Window Pane Cake Box

After you say “yes to the dress,” you have to say “yum to the crumb”—getting the cake right for the big day is essential.

When wedding cakes or other special-occasion tiered cakes end up damaged—or iced with the wrong name—it’s stressful for the customer and expensive for the bakery, which will incur the cost of refund or replacement.

That was the problem one bakery customer came to us to solve: Reduce the number of damaged cakes. If customers could see a cake and verify it met their expectations without opening the box, it would make inspection easier and reduce accidental damage.

PCA’s expertise allowed us to create a windowed corrugated box to give cake customers peace of mind and a piece of cake.

To speak with one of our packaging experts, please contact us.