Henry Weis founds the North Star Mill in Quincy, Illinois, making paper from wild grasses and eventually straw. It becomes the genesis of the Central Fiber Products Company, which eventually became one of the three companies that formed PCA.


The Ohio Boxboard Company is founded by Ed Young. The American Paper Box Company (later called American Box Board Company) is founded. Both of these companies were also part of the eventual merger that formed PCA.


Central Fiber Products Company is formed through the consolidation of North Star Mill, North Star Egg Case Company, Carey Straw Mill, H.T. Cherry Company and the Indiana Board and Filler Company.


Packaging Corporation of America (PCA) is formed by the consolidation of the Central Fiber Products Company, the American Box Board Company and the Ohio Boxboard Company.


Production begins at the Tennessee River Pulp & Paper Company (in Counce, Tennessee) with PCA holding a majority interest.


PCA is acquired by Tenneco.


PCA acquires 100% of Tennessee River Pulp & Paper Company (Counce, Tennesee, mill), gaining full access to cutting rights on 30,000 acres of timberland in Tennessee, Alabama and Mississippi.

PCA’s 34th corrugated container plant is opened in Burlington, Wisconsin.