PCA recognizes that radio frequency identification of transport packaging has significant benefits to retailers and other members of the supply chain. PCA has put its expertise and flexibility to work to establish itself as a technology-savvy partner that seeks practical packaging solutions.


Since 1998, PCA has had a focused and capable team tracking this technology and how it can be utilized in packaging transport. More than simply concentrating on tagging containers, PCA has taken an “options and preparedness” approach to supporting our customers' needs and leveraging the technology to improve our internal processes.


As a member of EPCglobal, we are part of the international group developing standards and best practices and sharing practical means of implementing RFID/EPC. PCA is also a founding member of the Fibre Box Association's RFID task group, which works to ensure that our industry is positioned for the impact of the technology and that RFID-tagged containers remain fully and economically recyclable.


PCA is well positioned to work with you toward effective, realistic solutions to meet the growing demand for RFID enablement of transport packaging.