Record Storage Boxes Record Storage Boxes

PCA’s full line of record storage solutions helps you organize, store and move files conveniently and easily. Four unique styles are available in white and kraft finishes in a variety of lengths and widths. Plus, all of our boxes can be custom printed to promote your brand image.

Jiffy File Box

With a quick and easy setup, this is our most popular file box. Just pop it up and it’s ready to use. Fold it down and it’s ready to store for reuse.


Northampton File Box

As convenient as our Jiffy File Box, this traditional record storage box has a glued auto-lock bottom for even easier setup.

Baltimore File Box

This popular record storage option has a self-closing, easy-to-set-up interlocking bottom.


Franklin File Box

This manual setup record storage box is an economical alternative to more common styles.


For more information about our record storage boxes, please contact:

Dan Hofer
General Manager
(717) 492-2747