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Team Building Through Community Outreach

August 29, 2013


Recently, team members from PCA’s corrugated plant in Newark, Ohio, were given a challenge by their General Manager. They were divided into teams of two and were instructed to purchase locally grown food products that they would then use to prepare a meal. They were given just two hours to accomplish these tasks.


The teams created a “feast” that included an appetizer, main dish and dessert. As the group prepared to “dig in,” the General Manager said, “Pack it all up; this isn’t for you.” He told them that the meals would be donated to the local fire department for the firefighters on call. After delivering the food, the General Manager led a discussion recapping the events of the morning and identifying what obstacles the teams had to overcome to accomplish the goal.


According to one of the participants from Newark: “Team-building activities always make me nervous. I know I am going to be taken out of my comfort zone. However, it helped me recognize the need to rely on my teammate to accomplish our goal. Once you are actually in the moment, you become focused on the task at hand, and you forget about Newark Team Building Eventyour fears or weaknesses. You focus on how you can help your team succeed.”


The Newark team was proud to provide lunch as a way of saying “thank you” to those who give so much to their community. They also learned an unforgettable lesson on how to strengthen their teams back at the plant, proving once again how much can be accomplished with effective teamwork.