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Groundbreaking at PCA’s Valdosta Mill

February 25, 2010


On Tuesday, February 2, PCA broke ground to expand its linerboard mill in Valdosta, Georgia. A new recovery boiler will replace three existing boilers built in 1953, and a new turbine generator will result in efficiency improvements in paper machine drying. The boilers, previously run on oil, will now run on renewable energy.


Paul Stecko, Chairman and CEO of PCA, explained that the renovations will not only help Valdosta Groundbreaking Photomaintain a productive mill, but do so in a cost-efficient manner. “When the recession hit, two things changed, and we used them to our advantage: the costs for equipment to operate the mill was lowered and green energy was pushed.″


The PCA Valdosta mill is on a journey toward becoming a greener operation. As part of that journey, the mill is said to generate an ancillary benefit of approximately $370,000 to the local community, employing about 300 construction workers, with a payroll of $75–$100 million.