Plymouth Full-Line Plant
936 North Sheldon Road
Plymouth, MI 48170
(734) 414-7575
Fax (734) 453-2513

PCA Plymouth is a full-service supplier of corrugated products, including large containers, laminated bulk bins and unique solutions such as BulkMaster™ bulk bins and Grid-Lok™ containers. We also offer ExportPack™, a line of cost-effective, preassembled packaging designed for overseas shipment. Specializing in a wide variety of board grades from singlewall to triplewall, we have the unique ability to produce bulk and/or heavyweight items in either multi-color direct print or preprint. PCA Plymouth can also produce large die-cut boxes and high-quality, protective packaging for any product. Plymouth’s fulfillment center offers setup and JIT services. Additionally, we are a PCA-certified plant for hazardous materials packaging.


PCA Plymouth is a one-stop shop that offers flexible order quantities, package testing, total packaging solutions, inventory management and just-in-time (JIT) delivery.




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Assembly, Collation & Fulfillment
Hazardous Materials Packaging
Inventory Management
Large Container Capabilities
Package Testing
Preprint Capabilities
Small Order Sizes
Structural Design Services
Total Packaging Solutions