Jacksonville Full-Line Plant
659 Eastport Road
Jacksonville, FL 32218
(904) 757-8140
Fax (904) 751-1993

PCA Jacksonville is a full-service supplier of corrugated shipping containers ranging from small and/or narrow to large-sized boxes — all in flexible quantities. We offer case-erected/mechanical packaging operations while also providing personalized sheet plant-type service that maintains the cost advantages only available at a fully integrated box plant. Plus, PCA Jacksonville offers a full line of specialty products and services including on-site structural design, small runs, corrugator coatings, wax cascading and in-line flexo die cutting. We are also a PCA-certified plant for hazardous materials packaging.

Conveniently located on the I-95 corridor, PCA Jacksonville operates in a “golden rule” culture. We also provide E-commerce, quick sample turnaround, package testing, short lead times, warehousing and just-in-time (JIT) delivery.




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