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PCA stands ready to provide a wide variety of heavy-duty packaging that is lightweight, economical, structurally sound and ready to protect big, heavy products. Our heavy-duty containers store flat, set up easily, stack efficiently and help reduce shipping weight.


Whether you are shipping furniture or appliances, PCA can design and develop packaging that meets your product specifications and distribution needs. Our unique structural designs, additives and high-quality containerboard combine to yield tough, hard-working corrugated containers. Available in either doublewall or triplewall combinations and in a variety of grades (350# to 1000# for doublewall and 700# to 1500# for triplewall), our containers meet the most demanding packaging needs. Our ability to provide four-color, single-pass direct print capabilities; preprint conversion; and complementary singlewall and lightweight doublewall items makes us ideally equipped to meet all your bulk packaging needs.

Heavy-Duty Packaging