Common Footprint (F2R) Field-to-Retail™ (F2R Text)

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PCA's modular Field-to-Retail™ (F2R Text) containers take produce from the field to the in-store display — all in one container. With uniform footprint dimensions and stacking tabs, common footprint containers make for efficient loading, handling, storage and shipment of produce on standardized pallets.


The many advantages include cost savings, optimized cube utilization and load stability. Because our F2R Text boxes maximize product protection, produce is handled less and stays fresher longer. Once F2R Text arrives at the retailer, it plays double duty as valuable billboard space, providing merchandising that attracts shoppers and sells product.


In addition to our standard design concepts, PCA provides tailored package design solutions that are unique to our customers' performance needs and maintain the standardized elements of the Fibre Box Association's Corrugated Common Footprint Standard.