Produce Packaging ExportPack™

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Designed specifically as a cost-effective, easy-to-use overseas shipping solution, our ExportPacks™ are preassembled and easy to set up. Available in a variety of dimensions, cubic feet and stacking heights, our standard-size packs come with either wood or paper pallets. They include a durable triplewall sleeve and a separate top cover. The wood pallets are heat-treated and meet standards for overseas shipments. These stackable containers maximize the space utilization of a standard high cube sea container.


For custom size details, please click here (requires Adobe Acrobat).


The space-saving sleeve pack kit is easy to assemble. Simply remove the cover, pull out the sleeve and insert into the pallet base. Next, pack your materials, place the cover over the sleeve and load it into the sea container.


PCA is also an expert at designing and providing customized interior solutions to pack your products securely in our ExportPacks™. We understand this specialized segment and offer design and manufacturing solutions that include all the necessary materials. If your product has special shipping requirements, we can customize a size-specific container or insert to keep your product safe and secure during transit.