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Whether you need to transport toasters or plums, PCA can create the perfect packaging solution to protect, contain and promote your product and deliver it to market.


On an annual basis, the corrugated container industry ships enough boxes to cover the entire states of Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island put together — more than 14,000 square miles of boxes. PCA has a significant share of this market due to our team of knowledgeable people continuously focused on delivering superior customer service.


Click the link above for a primer on some of the basic designs that PCA can provide.


Any Quantity

We handle both small, custom runs and large-volume runs with the same ease, and with single or multiple delivery points.


The Environmentally Responsible Choice

Our products are made from renewable fiber and, with few exceptions, are completely recyclable. PCA is certified to Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI®) standards at our primary mills and our network of corrugated combining plants. As part of our commitment to SFI standards, PCA monitors the health and growth of forests and promotes sustainable forest management.


For more information on the Sustainable Forestry Initiative, please click here.

Corrugated Containers

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