Continuous Recycling

The corrugated industry has a very good recycling record. In 2014, 90 percent of all corrugated products were recovered and directed into the recycling stream. On average, newly manufactured products industry-wide contain about 46 percent recycled fiber, which includes both post-consumer fiber and material recovered and recycled within the manufacturing process. But recycled fiber is only part of the “big picture.” More important is the fact that a steady infusion of new fiber into the production cycle is essential for sustainability.


Recycled fiber can never realistically be the only fiber source for quality corrugated, because wood fibers break down and lose their desirable attributes after multiple reuses. If new fiber is not constantly added into the manufacturing cycle, eventually corrugated products won't perform properly, the needs of our customers will not be met and our industry will run out of viable raw material for production.


At PCA, our Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI®)-certified mills constantly introduce the new, harvested fiber necessary to maintain a truly sustainable fiber supply and ensure the strength and performance of PCA products. Our customer requirements are met using lighter materials and less fiber overall. 


For more information on the Sustainable Forestry Initiative, please click here.