Collaborative Project

At PCA, we understand that our customers are concerned about speed to market. In order to provide the fastest, most efficient way to manage the package and product development process, we offer a powerful collaborative tool, Exellerant™.


Exellerant™ is a web-based application that enables PCA employees, customers, vendors and distributors to drive and manage the package and product development process.


A private, secure online workspace, Exellerant™ provides a central location where users can work concurrently to develop new products/packaging and execute most any other objective. Exellerant™ moves beyond the limitations and inconveniences of e-mail and file attachments and reduces time spent on administrative and non-strategic activities.


With an Internet connection and access privileges, users can post and/or view up-to-date project data and organize, review, approve and store files — and much more. Exellerant™ offers online project discussion areas, the ability to create project teams and an extensive resources section with a gallery of PCA's previous projects, an online design library and a PCA facilities portfolio, where users can become more familiar with PCA's capabilities and success stories.


For more information on how you can begin to extend your collaborative abilities with PCA, please contact your PCA representative or click on the link below.




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